• Luxury tablecloths

    Do you want your event to be a Luxury event, and are you wondering how to make it happen?

    The answer to this question is simple and trivial: making a truly luxury event is the details.

    There is, however, a detail that, more than anything, jumps to the eye, and is the tablecloth.

    The table is a very important element of furniture, not only from a practical point of view but also from an aesthetic point of view, and for this very reason it is also crucial to choose how to “dress” our table especially on occasions such as the marriage.

    The tablecloth is undoubtedly the queen of the table, which is why its choice is decisive and should be well thought out not only according to our taste, but of course the choice of style, theme and location

    Our tailors led by the creative genius Amelia Riccio, have created a perfect tablecloth for super events and occasions “In”.

    “Luxury” is the name of the new line of tablecloths that you can only rent from Wedding Solution.

    Having managed to handle any type of fabric and fabric, our tailors made elegant and chic tablecloths, using particular woven wedding dresses.

    Come and see them closely and touch them in our Casoria and Scafati homes!

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