• Sea Wedding

    If you’ve decided to marry during the summer, and you’re still short of ideas about the theme to choose from, just think about it! The Sea theme is absolutely your case.

    Since ever, the sea has given infinite cues and emotions to all those sensitive souls that have let themselves be inspired by it, and carry it from its waves into the infinite blue. Why then do not apply these beautiful suggestions to the theme of the wedding?

    Sea-related marriage is perfect for all those couples who not only decide to marry in the summer but for which the sea has been something really important for their love story.

    Symbol of life, as its primordial origin, the sea can be a conduit for your wedding, offering different interpretative possibilities: from the most romantic and to the most fun and informal. It is no coincidence that this is a theme used in weddings because there are a wealth of ways to personalize it and make it unique.

    Being the theme of marriage the Sea, which other best location to choose, to celebrate the marriage, if not a beautiful beach !? . Try to imagine the sea at sunset and a light sea breeze that caresses you and sheds your white dress, while the inebriating scent of sea accompanies you, with your heart shaking, on your way to yours. What a romantic scene, typical of a beautiful film, but not unworkable. Today it is possible to celebrate civil rites also on the beach, where you can set up a beautiful and romantic wooden gazebo decorated with white veils, with a simple but refined altar.

    The must-have of a sea-theme wedding is the location, accurately chosen near the sea. Ideal, they are hotels or restaurants with sea views. Even better if they are on the beach.

    The decorations to be used should be few, simple and refined. An explosion of white and blue characterizes this style from the flowers.

    Certainly a wedding where the sea is the protagonist, this can certainly not be missed in the participation with a card and that recalls the idea of the sea with its shades of blue and blue, and decorative elements like sea stars and shells for embellish them.

    The table is one of the elements you can enjoy decorating, using a lightweight runner, such as ours in white and blue striped cotton, lying on a white cotton tablecloth, a symbol of simplicity, and as a centerpiece, use a ‘ Water or sand ampoule, decorating it with all the elements that distinguish the seabed.

    Certainly we could not forget the tableau. From Wedding Solution you have a wide choice of sea-based tableau, such as our still giant, sandy teak or wooden goiter. Simplistic is the idea of marking each table with the name of a particular node that seafarers use.

    There are still many ideas, and the Wedding Solution Marine Articles even more. Come visit our showroom to make your Marriage style wedding.

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