• Celtic wedding style

    Thanks to films and TV series that echo ancient times and fairy tales, what increasingly fascinates young people today and new couples is the Celtic world.

    The Celts were a people who knew the period of greatest splendor in the IV-III century BC, in the Iron Age. They were distinguished by their culture and religion, aspects that still fascinate and lead them to be regarded as a mysterious people almost as much as the Maya.

    Despite their culture and religion, it is still for those who seek to follow their footsteps, far from ours, in America to marry in the Celtic style and follow their rites has become a real trend.

    If you would like to realize a Celtic ceremony as in Braveheart, this article is yours. Here are the guidelines for weddings wrapped in mystery.

    For the celts, marriage was a very important ritual, they began to celebrate it seven days before yes, the days when the two spouses had to conclude the wedding contract with a series of purification acts using the four elements: earth, Air, fire and water. For this fascinating people, nature was at the basis of existence: they argued that the soul of a man manifested not only within the body but also between the trees, streams, rocks and the sun, and that So it was one with the spirit of the earth. Their weddings, in fact, were celebrated in forests and forests, thus exalting this meaning and creating a close bond with the soul of the forest. The Sacred Constellation had to be necessarily guarded by a priest, a Druid, who interfered between man and the gods. It was a wonderful and fascinating pagan rite.

    Marrying with the Celtic rite is no doubt a not very common choice in Italy, but not unusual either. Currently, “Celtic Union” is considered to be purely symbolic Italian law and therefore has no legal value if it is not included in the civil ceremony at the location. However, many couples, at the exit of the town hall, also wish to organize on the day of Wedding the Celtic symbolic ceremony, thus creating a very fascinating atmosphere.

    To celebrate a true Celtic wedding, the bride and groom will have to twist together a white and red rope that represents the union of the male and female side, to choose a stone that, washed and purified, symbolizes the historical memory of their family and that Will then be handed down from generation to generation. During the rite the bride and groom will have to drink from the same chalice the hydromele, and then turn on the sacred fire symbolizing the love and passion between the couple.

    In addition to being super “green” and original, Celtic wedding is also economical because there are no gold rings but, thought a bit, binding the bride and groom is a simple red lace through which the hands of the lovers. For those who do not want to give up the idea of having some creations, the iron or steel rings inlaid in Celtic style and with the initials of the wives are perfect.

    Like every marriage that is respected, the reception was also scheduled for the Celtic world after the ceremony.

    There is no religion or culture, past and future, that holds … reception for marriage is sacred!

    Obviously, those who choose today to celebrate a Celtic wedding will in many cases also decide to have a classic reception, although the idea of giving a good Celtic impression is not bad.

    The colors to use are certainly white and green, colors that will be resumed in all the details of the wedding.

    Sympathetic is the idea of using as a tableau de mariage a silhouette of the tree of life (symbol of Celtic mythology) from which to hang the Celtic runes.

    No round tables, in a Celtic wedding, only imperial wooden bare tables are allowed.

    Yes a great deal of flowers, even in the field, in small compositions that recall the Natural style.

    Naturally, in a Celtic wedding, there is no need to miss music and dance from the Scottish, Irish and English traditions and sweet melodies of harps and flutes.

    Would you make a wedding in this style? What do you think?

    Commented on your ideas for a fascinating Celtic wedding.

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