• A magical atmosphere with Steve Di Maio

    Sometimes to explain a love, words are not enough, and then they serve the colors, shapes, notes, and especially emotions.

    If you think that giving birth to great emotions to two spouses, on the day of their wedding, is a joke you’re wrong with the big !. Experience teaches that that day, the bride and groom, even if excited to unite eternally their love, will be super critical and attentive to every small detail.

    Stuping and emotion even more is a tough job of which, however, the young and very successful event planner Steve Di Maio seems to be a real expert. Bringing the wishes, expectations and emotions of the bride and groom is actually the distinctive sign of the talented Neapolitan event planner and demonstrating it is just one of his latest works.

    A few days ago, the most beloved Alfredo and Lucia crowned their desire to marry, and to make this a dream was just the young Steve, to whom the two spouses have been entrusted.

    In the romantic setting of the Medieval Castle of Castellammare, Steve has made concrete the romantic dream that for years has taken shape in the mind of sweet Lucia. At their entrance to the location, the astonishment has assailed the spouses, excited and enchanted to live the fairy tale that for years they planned.

    Everything was taken care of in the smallest details: the lights and the colors stood in the hall and the sweet notes resounded all over the place.

    The design of this event was challenging and exciting at the same time, but to support and assist the event planner in the realization of this magical dream there were so many professionals, first of all the flower design Principe di Ravello, Armando Malafronte, which compositions smell of emotions. Of course the touch of the Wedding Solution couldn’t fail.

    Thanks to Steve’s project, the medieval castle has become an enchanted garden.

    A long white imperial table dominated the whole room; To enrich the wonderful compositions of Armando Malafronte in the soft colors of white and pink purple, our simple masses and the elegant Parisian white chairs. To completely attract the attention of the brides and all the guests, our great “Mr and Mrs” luminous writing, a perfect article for classy and effective design and also a brilliant solution as a photobooth angle.

    To make the magical and romantic atmosphere also contributed to the lighting system well-studied by our workers. Thanks to our LED headlamps, a warm pink light invaded the room lit by our glass t-light glass spheres, which, with a magnificent effect of heights, came down from the ceiling.

    Even the relaxed corners have been well studied by the event planner who, in several locations in the location, has set up the relax corner with our chester sofa sets.

    The atmosphere that breathed in this romantic wedding was really magical, but it was even more wonderful to work with industry professionals, joined as a team to realize the dreams of our customers.

    Thanks again to Steve for making us part of this event and getting excited.

    What do you think? Here are some photos of the event taken by Simone De Sena Ph.

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